Easy ways to get over 50MPG

I get over 50MPG consistently. Don't rely on the eletronic gauge as it is inaccurate. I actually add up my miles over the gallons I pump which shows over 50MPG. How do I do it? I do all of the followings:
  • Tire pressure tire pressure tire pressure. Pump your front to 43 and back to 41, cold. This will yield the most noticeable difference in mileage.
  • Avoid jack-rabbit starts and stops. Rapid acceleration is not good.
  • Keep your speed less than 70MPH. 60 would be ideal, when traffic allows.
  • Make sure air filters are clean
  • It is not necessary to use high octane gas. In fact I have not noticed any difference between 87/92. Costco 87 octane gives me 50MPG
  • Don't haul junk. Lighter is better.