Have you ever wondered which wax lasts the longest on your car? I bought 3 different brands and applied it to my car. They are the Teflon Spray Wax, Turtle Wax, and Nu Finish. I used a 6 inch random orbitor machine, it is light weight and very quiet.

Here is the initial application. Teflon on the left side, Turtle Wax in the middle, and Nu Finish to the right.

So which brand stays on the car the longest? I always park my car indoor and my mileage is low, and here's the 6 month car wash test. You can see that the Teflon wax doesn't bead as well as Turtle and Nu Finish.

Here is the 8 month car wash picture. Both the Teflon and Turtle wax stoped beading completely, and a little bit of the Nu Finish still beads.

CONCLUSION: Not all brands perform equally.

I really enjoy using the Du Pont Teflon Spray Wax because it is extremely easy to apply, and it smells somewhat nice. It is also very easy to wipe off. Unlike the other wax it doesn't make your hands smell like wax for many hours-- it is easy to wash off. However, it doesn't seem to last very long. By the 6th month most of it is already gone, and your paint is exposed and ready to be corroded.

The famous green Turtle (Carnauba) Wax performs admirably. It is not as easy to apply and to wipe off as the Teflon Spray Wax, but it lasts quite a while. As for the smell, it smells like-- wax. Your hands will smell like wax for hours. Turtle Wax uses carnauba which is the de-facto ingredient in popular wax today.

Lastly, the Nu Finish Once A Year Wax stays on the longest, though it does not seem to last a full year (even though I always park my car indoor). It is is difficult to apply on (because it is so thick) and somewhat difficult to wipe off. It is also the MOST smelly wax. This is not your standard carnauba wax, but rather, a poly-compound and it actually irritates my eyes a lot more than the other wax. It is also the nastiest to smell, and the smell stays on your hands for hours and hours. However, it does seem to last the longest.

In conclusion, all the brands seem to protect well but the differences are marginal (6-9 months), and in the real world how consistent you clean and wax your car is much much more important than what kind of wax you use.